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When your business needs cash, C2FO is the fastest, easiest, and lowest-cost option

Fast payment
Receive payment within 24 hours
No contracts
No paperwork, fees, calls, or commitments
Name your own rate
Choose when to offer a discount and at what rate

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Getting started takes less than five minutes. There's no paperwork, sharing of financials, or need to upload anything. 

Register your account, select your customers, provide their Vendor IDs (often found on invoices), and complete your profile. Once verified, you're ready to get paid early. 

How do I receive payment?

After your discount offer is accepted, you get paid directly by your customer using the payment method you already have in place. The only thing that changes is how soon you are paid and the invoice amount. 

I have funding, why would I use C2FO?

Companies use C2FO because it's faster, easier, and costs less than other sources of funding like loans, lines of credit, or factoring.

Why are my customers offering this program?

Companies that want healthy supply chains and strong relationships use C2FO to help their customers improve cash flow by giving them access to fast, flexible, and low-cost working capital.

I told a factoring company what C2FO does for us. They said, ‘We can’t even touch that!
Managing Director
Managing Director
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