The dark horse driving Albertsons Companies' improving profit margins

November 2018


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The retail industry is facing a sea of changes, with national grocery store chains feeling the pressure just as much as any other non-perishables retailer. One of the strongest and oldest of those retailers, Albertsons Companies, has adapted and innovated under consumer pressure, serving as a model for all industries. The secret to their financial-improvement transformation? Tapping opportunities within their supply chain through data intelligence and trade finance. Gregg Maxwell, Group ViceĀ President, shares Albertsons Companiesā€™ most compelling and instructive strategies to provide real financial improvement in a time of increasing consumer and investor pressure.


Gregg Maxwell

Gregg Maxwell
Group VP NSC Controller Retail Acctg/Payroll, Albertsons Companies


Jordan Novak
Managing Director, C2FO

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